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Meet The Flip Doctor

Former Collegiate Athlete

Real Estate Investing

Born and raised in sunny Sacramento, CA.  Graduate of Sacramento City College then offered a scholarship to play baseball at the University of Miami

Turned Real Estate Investor

Flipping Houses

Now running a successful Fix and Flip business for the past 20 years.  A&E's "Flip This House" finalist and HGTV pilot show "Flip it Right"  I am a

Licensed CA Real Estate Agent #01999260

Licensed CA General Contractor #1041898 house flipping flipping houses

Family Man

Make money

Husband and father to four beautiful girls.

Here are just some of my Flipped Properties

Net Profit $137,265

Cherry St.

Net Profit $76,588

Segovia St.

Net Profit $142,674

24th St.

My Services

Business Plan for flipping houses

Business Plan For Flipping Houses

Don't spend thousands of dollars writing out your business plan to build credibility with potential investors or thousands of hours trying to develop one.  GET IT TOMORROW!  The nations top educator and leader when it comes to house flipping has the most comprehensive and affordable business plan on the market.  20 years of research and development broken down in this easy to read blueprint for beginning flippers.  Gain confidence and market yourself to investors while securing money for your next flip.

This is a real check from a real flip and an example of putting my money where my mouth is.

The check is not meant to brag or boast but rather to inspire and motivate.  Flipping houses is a real business with HUGE income potential!  However, you need the right mentor/coach that can guide you along the way.  

The Nations leader in Educating Students how to Flip Houses

I am so passionate about flipping houses and teaching students how to be successful I received a United States Patent and Trademark.  This is the ONLY educational company built on reality rather than false hope and promise.  All classes are taught in the field (at real potential flips) rather than boring classroom settings with exaggerated claims and numbers.


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Space is limited.  I do not contract out any of my classes to other instructors or individuals.  All teachings and classes are done by me.